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Our StoneMakers personalized walkways and patios sync with any home’s outdoor landscapes. Our fluid designs embody the natural essence of nature in the local environment. Our standard concrete pads range from 4-5 inches thick, with a 3,500 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) concrete exterior floor mix. We include rebar or wire mesh reinforcement, which makes all our products durable and likely to last forever.

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decorative-walkways-midgett-concrete-crown-point-indianaOur StoneMakers process teaches you to confidently represent a niche company and teaches you how to personalize your own landscaping products. As well as utilizing the basic products from StoneMakers, we are able to modify their original designs and products to those, which more relevantly meet the needs of our customers. We know that some designs are more complex, and that a variety of tastes can make a more unique and appealing product, which is why we will have an in-depth consultation before drafting a design for your walkways.

We can form curved and concave walkways that flow through your property, with varying sizes, or create more standard sized walkways that are plainer. We will also discuss with our clients whether a textured or smooth walkway is more favorable for their property and how much traffic they will see. Our walkways are well suited to being formed through and around gardens, as well as leading to and from doorways.

We will also create walkways around your other property accessories, like waterfalls at the end of your yard, or a fire pit in the middle of your backyard. Whatever the purpose of your walkway, we will help you design, and create a style that is unique to you, if that is your desire. We are not very particular about the shape, as we will work to accommodate all tastes for our clients.

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